about us

Organizing for the Women's March on Washington was our first mobilization act.  Today we act, we collaborate and we build collective power in our communities, cities, states and across the nation.  We are united on the side of love.  We are not afraid because we know that love always prevails.

The Women's Way Forward organizational model is inspired by the women and community centered organizing that built the Women’s March on Washington and is based on the grassroots networks and power of 20 women volunteers, most who had never even been to a political march, who inspired 18 sister marches in Florida and who sent 27,000 people to join the single largest march on Washington, DC in history.  Women's Way Forward is centered around unity, equality, and diversity and our determination as women (and allies) to protect those most at risk and most dehumanized by the current corrupt local, state and federal agendas of hate, bigotry, deregulation, and intolerance.

​We believe that everyone suffers when our communities suffer, be it black and brown people, LGBTQIA+ people, native people, immigrants of all status, people with disabilities, survivors of domestic abuse and sexual assault, as well as Muslim and other diverse minority religious faiths.

Our Purpose